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Mata'Utu cathedral

The building of the cathedral of the Good Hope was conducted by Father Hamele and completed in 1959.
Huge blocks of lava carved in the village of Tepa were brought in either by sea on dugout boats or by road transportation for the building of the long nave. Wood for the roof frame work came from the primary forest of Alofi island.

cathedrale de Mata Utu

The Royal Palace

Built on Malae Sagato Soane (Saint John ' Square) besides the Cathedral, the Royal Palaceis the official residence of the Lavelua, King of Wallis. Visits are not permitted, however its colonial architectural style is worthseeing. Most of the official ceremonies and traditional celebrations are held right in front of the Palace under the presence of the King

Le Palais du roi

The lake Lalolalo

Almost a perfect circle of sharp cliffs dominating the 82 meters deep lake, for sure the most impressive one of all the craters lakes of Wallis. Hords of flying foxes live on top of the cliffs and the sweet waters accomodate a mysterious specie of eels of unknown origin.

Le lac lalolalo

The bloody swamps

Situated South West of Wallis were named as such because sometimes in the 17 century a crual battle between Tongian invaders and Wallisian natives took place there and many Wallisian warriors from Alele were killed, their blood coloring then the swamps waters.

Les marais sanglants

The tongian fort

More commonly known as the Tongian fortress, Talietumu's Residence is the supposed former residence of a Tongian Chief set among the ruin of a Tongian fortress. Around year 1400, begin the so called "Fortress Period". Tongian invaders sent by Tui-Tonga, King of Tonga, settled in the South part of Wallis and started building many fortresses such as the one of Talietumu.

Le fort tongien

The islets

Wallis main Island is set in a magnificient sapphire blue lagoon closed by a coral reef barrier strewed here and there with many islets either of volcanic or coral origin. Many taxi-boats operate between the main land and these islets.

Ilôt Nukuteatea