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How to get there ?

There are no direct international airlinks reaching Wallis and Futuna. Compulsory stopovers must be planed via Noumea (New Caledonia), Papeete (French Polynesia) or Nadi (Fiji).

From Noumea, Air Caledonie International operates twice a week to Wallis and once a week from Nadi to Wallis.

From Papeete, visitors must continue to Noumea, then Wallis.

To reach Futuna, it is compulsory to fly via Wallis where from a locally based aeroplane operates almost every day to Futuna.

Flying time is 4 hours from Noumea to Wallis, 1 hour from Nandi to Wallis and 50 minutes between Wallis and Futuna.

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Where sleeping ?



Where eating ?



Time change :

Local time is GMT/UTC +12


Currency :

Local currency is the French CFP
1.000 FCFP = 8.38 Euros
1 Euro = 119 FCFP

There is one bank in Wallis (BWF) with an automatic desk.
Only a few shops accept credit cards.
Most hotels does accept Visa or Mastercard
No AMEX accepted.


Health Care :

There is no private health care.
There is one hospital and three community clinics in Wallis and one hospital in Futuna.
Foreign visitors as well natives are cured for free. In extreme emergencies there is an airevac system available from New Caledonia.
No vaccine is required for foreign visitors to Wallis and Futuna. However Hepatitis B and Tetanus vaccine are recommanded.

take care

Telecom :

International call for Wallis and Futuna
00 681 + 6 digits

Watersupply :

Public tap water is drinkable

Electricity appliances :
220 V / 50 Period

Others :
- Sunglasses
- Solar cream
- Plastic shoes or both
for marching on sea shores
-Valid passport is compulsory


Internet :
Wallis is linked via Internet

the adress is :

There are several cybercafes in Wallis.