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Discount Hotel for divers



One 10m covered boat with 2 x 175 cv engines . Capacity : 10 divers + pilot

for the outside reef dives.

One 5,5 m boat with 1 115cv engine. Capacity : 4 divers + pilot

One 5m boat with 40cv engine. Capacity : 4 divers + pilot.

5 complete scuba equipments available.

15 snorkeling equipements.

It is also possible to rent jackets, regulators, tanks, shorty, fins, mask and snorkel.

Hot waters ....  

Average temperature water in Wallis is 29°C. You can dive all the year long with a shorty !

External lagoon reef offers a very fine variety of corals : table corals, rose corals, soft corals...

softcoral_paul xelot

Photo : Paul Xelot

Our dives ...  

Dives :

We propose dives every days : in the paths or close to, along the reef barrier, external or in the lagoon, dives in the current, on the US wrecks or on the ancient whalewathchers anchors.


US wrecks special :

You to live an history moment ! We propose you, at the evening, to visit the US Museum in the Fenuarama galery, and the tomorow morning, to dive on the US boat 1, 42 m deep, and on the US floating bridge, 25 m deep.

Only for experimented divers (Rescue divers and more)


Come and discover the beauty of the underwater deeps in snorkeling, on the underwater track of the islet St Chritophe. The program includes : snorkeling lesson, discover of the aquatic fauna and flora, the usings of the diferent species you have sawn.

Barbecue at noon if you want. Rest the afternoon. A very good day !!

First dive :

You want to do a first dive with all the security ? We go to St Christopher islet, 5 minutes sailing from the center. We begin the dive from the beach and follow on a very colored reef. Ideal conditions for following the first star scuba training ...


The center is affiliated to the FFESSM and to the ANMP (French scuba schools). We train the divers to the level 1 and until the Level 4. Most of the trainings take place in the lagoon which is perfectly adapted to all the types of technical high angle dives. The theoretical lessons take place in the scuba center, under the fale (a traditional house).

first dive

Taxi boat  

Wallis's lagoon is strewed with magnificent islands of coralian or volcanic origin. Our Taxi - boat service puts down you every day on one of the islets of the South :

The islet St Christophe, the islet of the Lepers, the islet of the path or the islet Faioa


ilot Faioailot de la passeilot des Lépreux




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